Picture of a boat project ran by Cameva, a company founded by Dany Bahar

Dany Bahar – Cameva

Picture of a boat project ran by Cameva, a company founded by Dany Bahar

Headquartered in Geneva, Cameva Holdings is the parent company of a select portfolio of businesses specialising in a diverse range of luxury lifestyle products including high performance vehicles, super-yachts, watchmaking and cosmetics.

Cameva Holdings aims to invest in authentic entrepreneurial ventures, allowing previously struggling or newly founded organisations the chance to thrive. Respect for existing cultures and realising the true potential of any partner company are absolute priorities.

Comprising around 30 individual businesses, the company owns established and successful operations throughout Europe and the Middle East. Key territories include Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and the UAE.

The cornerstone of Cameva’s Holdings’s shipbuilding interests is Royal Denship Yachts, a highly respected Danish luxury super-yacht builder. On land, ARES – a luxury automotive atelier – specialises in bespoke modifications of high performance cars. Consistent with the luxury theme, Cameva has a significant interest in Hanhart, the Swiss-German watchmaker synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and pedigree. As well as investing in established companies, talent spotting is equally crucial to the success of the business. Recent investments have targeted restaurants and start-up firms in the entertainment industry.

Under the chairmanship of Dany Bahar, the Cameva Holdings management is composed of experienced executives with proven track records within these various fields.

For more information, visit camevaholdings.com