Dany Bahar

Sports and luxury SUVs

It wasn’t so long ago that SUVs were the preserve of wealthy land owners, off-road enthusiasts and country-dwelling members of the establishment. Nowadays however, the demand for high-riding, four wheel-drive vehicles has swept across the entire globe.   With an increasingly wealthy society and the ever-reducing cost and size of SUVs, the attraction of added […]

Dubai Motor Show and Concours

While the ARES Design factory in Modena is progressing well and almost complete, there is lots of ARES activity at other locations around the world, especially in the Middle East. I live in Dubai for much of the year and love it. It’s a real hub for automotive enthusiasts, and now the interest in classic […]

How car brands are diversifying to broaden their appeal

More than ever, high-end car makers are going beyond simply producing cars, collaborating with yacht companies and even bringing their design expertise to the world of interiors to widen their brand’s appeal. Taking to the seas It seems very fashionable for car brands to create their own bespoke luxury yachts. Mercedes-Benz launched the Arrow460-Granturismo concept […]

Press release: Forza Ares!

New factory, new cars, new team and a new offering to the world of automotive commissioning and coachbuilding   Ares Design confirms brand new 18,000sqm design, engineering and production facility in Modena: aims to re-define the quality and supply of coachbuilt luxury cars   CEO, Dany Bahar reveals first new cars – the Ares X-Raid, […]

Will autonomy put an end to the supercar?

With autonomous technology being developed at a furious pace as we head towards a driverless future, will there still be a place for the supercar? Autonomy is taking over In the next few decades, every journey will be linked, controlled by wireless technology and the Internet of Things. Even now, car companies are working together on […]