Selected op-eds and policy briefs

"Countries should seize the opportunity to take in Ukrainian refugees—it could transform their economies", published by the Brookings Institution, March 2022 (with Chris Parsons and Pierre-Louis Vezina)

"Ukrainian Refugees and Their Hosting Communities Are in Desperate Need of Funding," published by the Center for Global Development, March 2022

"The Cost of a Single U.S. Immigration Restriction", published by Harvard Business Review, January 2021 (with Raj Choudhury and Britta Glennon)

"Suspending immigration would only hurt America’s post-coronavirus recovery," published by the Washington Post, April 2020.

"The Gig Economy: A Lifeline for Latin American Migrants – or a Dead End?", published by Americas Quarterly, April 2020.

"Israeli Voters Don’t Care About the Economy. They Should," published by Foreign Policy magazine, September 2019

Impact of the 2017 sanctions on Venezuela: revisiting the evidence”, policy brief published by Brookings, May 2019 (with Sebastian Bustos, Jose Morales-Arilla and Miguel A. Santos)

"A wall can’t fix what global migration and refugee compacts can", blog post published by Brookings, January 2019

"How many more migrants and refugees can we expect out of Venezuela?", blog post published by Brookings, December 2018 (with Douglas Barrios)

Covered by CNN, The Economist, The Miami Herald, and others

Migrants and the Startup Nation: Addressing Israel’s growing demand for skills by increasing the country’s role in the developing world”, policy brief published by Brookings, December 2018

Integrating Venezuelans into the Colombian labor market: Mitigating costs and maximizing benefits”, policy brief published by Brookings, December 2018 (with Cindy Huang and Meagan Dooley)

“Latin America Is Facing a Refugee Crisis: Why It Matters That We Call Fleeing Venezuelans Refugees, Not Migrants”, published by Foreign Affairs, October 2018

“Refugee status and aid would unleash the potential of Venezuelan migrants” (with David Smolansky), published by the Washington Post, September 2018

“How can developing countries use their diaspora capital?” (with Ernesto Talvi), policy brief published by The Brookings Institution, March 2018

“Venezuela’s refugee crisis will exceed Syria’s; we must help", published by The Hill, February 2018

Covered by The Washington Post, CNBC, and others

“Give me your tired, your poor...and they will create jobs for us", published by The Hill, December 2017

Selected media appereances

CNN, March 2022, on the the benefits of wlecoming Ukrainian refugees

CNN En Español, August 2019, on the Venezuelan refugee crisis

NTN24, June 2019, on the gains from migration

CCTV, September 2018, on the Venezuelan refugee crisis

Voice of America, April 2017, On Trump's trade policies,