Selected Public Lectures

"Migrants and Refugees: Are they holding us back or pushing us forward?", at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, October 2019

Ted-like talk about my work with Venezuelan refugees, at AJC meeting, June 2019

On immigration and US politics, November 2018

"What drives economic growth?", at University of Nevada Las Vegas, November 2017


"Economic Development: Evidence and Policy Implications"

(IDC Herzliya, Spring 2019)

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"Economic Development and the Role of Productivity"

(Paris School of Economics, Fall 2015 & Spring 2019)

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"API-210: Advanced Quantitative Methods II: Econometric Methods"

(Teaching Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School, Spring 2011 & 2012)

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"PED-130: Why are so many countries poor, volatile and unequal?

(Teaching Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School, Fall 2009)

STATA crash course for MPA/IDs

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